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About us

Our history

We are a new French company that aims to bring an innovative vision to the field of childcare and children's psychomotor development.  Passionate about the well-being and development of toddlers, we are committed to offering innovative solutions.

We have identified a growing need for childcare products that support both parents and children. That's why we're proud to offer carefully designed products that combine comfort, quality and functionality, with the aim of making parenthood easier.

At our company, we pay particular attention to the safety of our products. We are committed to complying with the most stringent safety and quality standards, to guarantee parents' peace of mind. All our products undergo rigorous testing and are made from durable, non-toxic materials.


In conclusion, our company is passionate about children's psychomotor development, and offers innovative and safe solutions to support parents in this beautiful adventure. We look forward to working with you, sharing our knowledge and providing quality products that meet the needs of every mom, dad and child.

Thank you for your attention, we welcome all your questions and suggestions. Together, let's build a better world for our children and make life easier for everyone.


We work to make motherhood and fatherhood easier!

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